The Case for Designer Kids Clothes


Big name designers used to target adult men and women. But over the past decade or so, there is a rise in designer kids clothes and labels. It is no secret that these clothing labels produce adorable clothes for your fashionable little ones. However, parents are quickly faced with a harsh truth: these clothes often carry an expensive price tag! Is it really a good idea to splurge on clothes that your kids will outgrow in time?


designer kids clothes

Examine the benefits of buying designer kids clothes and open your eyes to the possibility that they are meant more than just for luxury.

Ethics of Fashion

The concept of fast fashion has been spreading like wildlife in today’s fashion industry. The term “fast fashion” is derived from the idea of producing fashion trends that move quickly and are based on recency. It was developed by fashion retailers who introduce new trends on a seasonal basis, such as during spring and summer or fall and winter.

The fact that trends come and go has also prompted fashion retailers to produce fashion items in a rapid pace. And sadly, this has resulted in unethical practices of clothes manufacturing. A huge majority of fashion retailers that offer cheap clothes are able to do so because their clothes are manufactured in overseas factories that pay cheap labor. Aside from cheap labor, they also use cheap materials and fabric to make clothes to sell. Some of these materials are unsafe for use on humans and the environment. You have to examine closely where the clothes are manufactured and what type of fabric are used to make them before you have your kids wear them.

Quality First

In relation to the point raised above, quality is the primary reason why you should invest in designer clothes for your kids. Since designer labels use top of the line material to manufacture kids clothes, you can guarantee that they will outlast your kids as they grow. If you compare it to cheaper brands, the clothes will show signs of pilling, tear or thinning only after a few washes. In fact, some of these cheap clothes are poorly sewn that the seams fall apart after only a few wear. Even if the clothes are sold at a cheap price, you will still pay more in the long run since you have to keep buying new clothes to replace the damaged ones.


This factor is directly linked to quality. As parents, you want the best for your kids in all aspects of life. This also applies to their clothing choices. Clothes are one of the most basic needs for your kids. As much as you want them to give them the best in terms of food and shelter, the same also goes for their clothes.

Investing on quality designer kids clothes will provide more longevity and wear for your investment. It might appear as lavish or a little luxurious, but your kids deserve the best! Visit Tiny People to shop for kids clothes and other essentials at